Cybersecurity Online Academy: Vulnerabilities, Attack Techniques and Threats

Cyberyouth’s Cybersecurity Online Academy’s second module covers a range of topics related to cybersecurity, including common types of attacks and vulnerabilities, tools and techniques used by attackers, and methods for preventing and mitigating security incidents. Specific topics within this domain include: types of malware, social engineering attacks, network attacks, wireless attacks, physical security threats, vulnerability assessment tools and techniques, and penetration testing. This module is designed to ensure that you and your organisation have a solid foundation in understanding the nature of cyber threats and how they can be identified and defended against.

To keep yourself safe, it’s key to understand what we’re defending against and how it works. Through Module 2 of the Cybersecurity Online Academy, we will learn more about how attacks happen, to understand how we can prevent them effectively!

In looking at vulnerabilities and possible attacks, we can develop a better foundation for our digital safety, especially when combining this knowledge with the learnings from the other modules!

Make sure to check out the full version of the Cybersecurity Online Academy, coming soon!

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