Cybersecurity Online Academy: Governance, Risk and Compliance

Along with the importance of structural security and tech solutions, the relevance of compliance with local, national and EU-wide compliance and risk management strategies, as well as guidelines such as GDPR, are key to not just cybersecurity, but personal safety and privacy.

Through learning these guidelines and the importance of following them, we will learn how to keep safe in the digital world, as well as how to respect others’ right to privacy and the treatment of personal data.

Make sure to check out the final module of Cybersecurity Online Academy, as well as the complete version once available, to learn more about compliance, risk and cybersecurity!

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  1. This online academy emphasizes the vital link between cybersecurity and compliance, underscoring the importance of adhering to regulations like GDPR for personal safety and privacy. Excited to explore the final module for comprehensive insights!

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