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What’s been happening?

We’ve been very busy in the Cyberyouth partnership! We’ve been working very hard to make sure Cyberyouth ends on a great note. The project partnership have finalized all the amazing project results, like the Competence Framework, as well as the Cyberyouth Online Academy, our one-stop shop to learning about cybersecurity and how to keep ourselves safe in the digital world, as well as the opportunities for development and careers young people can find in cybersecurity. All this and more is available in the Online Academy and its modules, tips, games and activities. And at the end of it all, you can test your knowledge with the Academy’s final quizzes!

But that’s not all! Cyberyouth has also created the Gamified Cyberyouth App, where you can fight digital threats by testing the skills and knowledge you have acquired from all of Cyberyouth’s content! The Gamified App is available in our Results section, along with all other content, in all project languages (EN/IT/ES/BG/EE/TR/NL).

Spreading the word…

The project’s partners have also engaged with young people all around Europe in our Multiplier Events in each country, held in youth centres and public spaces to help more young people and youth workers get engaged and involved with cybersecurity and digital safety.

We will still be around!

Just because Cyberyouth’s implementation is coming to an end, this doesn’t mean that the project’s content and learning opportunities will also end! The project and its website, results and social media pages will stay active and available to keep promoting the importance of cybersecurity for young people and working towards a safe digital future. 

Thanks for your attention and participation in Cyberyouth, we hope you enjoyed this digital adventure and will keep up to date and cybersafe!

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